Connecting your genomic matchmaking service through the Matchmaker Exchange API

Learn more about the API here on the MME GitHub Repository:

If you are interested in implementing the API, please contact us at to get started. We can walk you through the requirements listed below.

To become a Matchmaker Exchange Service, each new site must achieve the following:

  1. Require users to deposit case data to undertake a federated query across the MME service providers

  2. Establish a minimum of two point-to-point API connections to other MME services

  3. Contain content that is considered by the MME steering committee to be useful for matching, including the flagging of, or ability to prioritize, candidate genes

  4. Successfully implement matching algorithms using test data

  5. During user queries, enable dual notification of data requester (i.e., the querier) and prior data depositor (i.e., the queried) including sharing the identities and contact information for each

  6. For each database to which a MME service is connected by an API, the connected database’s disclaimers should be posted on the MME service’s website and displayed with query results. Disclaimers can be found on GitHub (

  7. Store queries sent and received between MME sites only for the purpose of auditing, defining query statistics, and following up queries to understand rates of validated gene discovery

  8. Attest to database security requirements as defined by the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) Security Working Group (forthcoming)

  9. Advance the goals of the MME project through active participation in meetings and conference calls including defining a representative for the MME steering committee

Download Matchmaker Exchange's Service Requirements


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